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Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is a statutory organisation . It provides technical services to the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MOEFCC) of the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and advises the Central Government on any matter concerning prevention and control of water and air pollution and improvement of the quality of air.

Its main functions are

  1. to promote cleanliness of streams and wells in different areas of the States by prevention, control and abatement of water pollution,
  2. to improve the quality of air and to prevent, control or abate air pollution in the country.

Standard development activities of CPCB

CPCB takes up development/revision of Environmental Standards, upgradation of Comprehensive Industrial Document (COINDS) and guidelines for environmental management in various industrial sectors.

In consultation with state government concerned, CPCB lay down the standard for stream or well or quality of air and also prepare manuals, codes and guidance relating to treatment and disposal of sewage and trade effluents as well as for stack gas cleaning devices, stacks and ducts;

CPCB develops Standards for

National ambient air quality

Water Quality Criteria from different sources

Standards for Emission or Discharge of Environmental Pollutants from various Industries (Issued under Environment Protection Rules, 1986)

Standards for Treatment and Disposal of Bio-Medical waste by Incineration

Emission standard, Noise limits for Diesel Engines

Emission & Noise Limit of LPG & CNG Generator Sets

CPCB also prepares manuals, codes and guidelines relating to treatment and disposal of sewage and trade effluents as well as for stack gas cleaning devices, stacks and ducts.  CPCB lays down standards for stream or well in consultation with the State Governments, and also lays down standards for the quality of air.

CPCB also formulates The Minimal National Standards (MINAS) specific for various categories of industries with regards to their effluent discharge (water pollutants), emissions (air pollutants), noise levels and solid waste. These standards are required to be adopted by State Governments as minimal standards.

A full set of MINAS Standard is referred below:

MINAS for rubber industry

MINAS for Jute industry



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