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Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

AERB is the regulatory authority of India to carry out certain regulatory and safety functions under the Atomic Energy Act.

Among others, its functions inlcude

  • Development of Safety Codes, Guides and Standards for siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of different types of nuclear and radiation facilities
  • Granting consents and approvals for siting, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning for establishment of nuclear and radiation facilities.
  • Ensuring compliance of the regulatory requirements during all stages of consenting through a system of review and assessment, regulatory inspection and enforcement.
  • Prescribing the acceptance limits of radiation exposure to occupational workers and members of the public


AERB has notffied  the following Codes and Standards for mandatory compliance by the manufacturers, suppliers, installers and operators of Radiographic equipment for medical diagnostic and therapetic uses and for industrial uses

Medical Radiography

AERB Safety Code : Radiation Therapy Sources, Equipment and Installations (No. AERB/RF-MED/SC-1 (Rev. 1), Nov 2010 (Provides for the following requirements):

  • Chapter 2 : Safety Specifications for Radioactive Sources, Radiation Therapy Equipment and Protective Devices
  • Chapter 3 : Radiation Therapy Installations
  • Chapter 4 : Operational Safety
  • Chapter 5: Quality Assurance
  • Chapter 6 : Patient Protection
  • Chapter 7 : Management Of Radiation Emergency
  • Chapter 8 : Radiation Protection Programme
  • Chapter 9:   Personnel Requirements And Responsibilities
  • Chapter 10 : Regulatory Controls

Code for Radiation Safety in Manufacture, Supply and use of Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment  No. AERB/RF-MED/SC-3 (Rev. 2), March 2016 ((Provides technical specifications for medical diagnostic X-ray equipment and protective devices, room layout for an x-ray installation, qualification of personnel etc . Does not address the industrial, electrical, mechanical and fire safety requirements of the medical diagnostic X-ray equipment)

Standard Specifications for Radiological Safety in the Design and Manufacture of X-ray Analysis Equipment  No AERB/SS-5, May 1992 (Does not address the industrial, electrical, mechanical and fire safety requirements of the medical diagnostic X-ray equipment

AERB Safety Code : Nuclear Medicine Facilities, No. AERB/RF-MED/SC-2 (Rev. 2), March 2011 (Provides Regulatory Controls, requirements for Qualification and responsibilities of personnel, Radiological Safety Requirements for Nuclear Medicine Facilities)

Industrial Radiography

AERB Safety  Code for Industrial Radiography  NO. AERB/RF-IR/SC-1 (Rev.1), March 2016 (Provides for the following requirements):

  • Chapter 2: Radiography Equipment And Sources
  • Chapter 3:  Industrial Radiography Installations
  • Chapter 4: Personnel Requirements And Responsibilities
  • Chapter 5:  Regulatory Controls
  • Chapter 6 :Security Of Radiography Devices And Sources
  • Chapter 7: Emergency Response And Preparedness
  • Chapter 8: Decommissioning

AERB Safety Standard for Industrial Gamma Radiography Exposure Devices and Source Changers, No. AERB/RF-IR/SS-1(Rev.1), November 2007 )Provides requirements for classification, Marking & labeling, Specifications for Design and construction, Tests, Quality Assurance and Accompanying documentation)

Enforcement and Conformity Assessment

The Radiological Safety Division is responsible for Licensing, Surveillance and Safety Review of

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