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The Government of India has set up the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), also referred to as 'BEE' under the provisions of the EC Act, 2001 with the primary objective of reducing energy intensity of the Indian economy.

The Standards and Labeling Scheme (S&L) is one of the major thrust areas of BEE. The scheme was launched on May, 2006, with the objective of  giving the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving and thereby cost saving potential of the relevant marketed product,

The scheme provides for display of energy performance labels on high energy end use equipment & appliances and lays down minimum energy performance standards.

A star rating, ranging from 1 to 5 in the ascending order of energy efficiency is provided to the  products registered with BEE. The Star or Energy  labeling is based on Standards that prescribe limits on energy performance (usually maximum use or minimum efficiency) based on specified test protocols. The  informative labels affixed to products describe energy performance usually in the form of energy use, efficiency, or energy cost.

The appliances covered under the S&L scheme are as follows:

Products on which Labeling is mandatory

  1. Frost Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator
  2. Tubular Florescent Lamps
  3. Room Air-conditioners
  4. Distribution Transformers
  5. Room Air Conditioners (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC)
  6. Direct Cool Refrigerator
  7. Colour TV

Products on which Labeling is voluntary

  1. Electric Geysers
  2. Induction Motors
  3. Agricultural Pump Sets
  4. Ceiling Fans
  5. LPG Stoves
  6. Washing Machines
  7. Laptops/Notebooks
  8. Office Equipment's
  9. Ballast
  10. Diesel Engine Driven Monoset Pumps for Agricultural Purposes
  11. Solid State Inverters
  12. Diesel Generator
  13. Variable Capacity Air Conditioner (Inverter AC's)
  14. LED Retrofit lamps

Application for Registration

For each product under the S&L Scheme, BEE  uploads the following information on the S&L web portal:

  1. Schedule/regulation of BEE for respective product
  2. Procedure for obtaining a Label
  3. List of documents required to be submitted along with the application
  4. Financial obligations involved

An applicant is requred to apply online through the S&L web portal and subsequently submit hard copies of the application along with supporting documents to BEE

Registration is done is two stages:

  • Company Registration
  • Model Registration
  1. General Guidelines for Company Registraion
    1. Each and every document submitted to BEE (either in hard copy or uploaded online) must bear the sign and stamp of the authorized signatory in original.
    2. All the documents must be submitted in the given sequence (as mentioned in below) and kept in file in a proper way.
    3. Documents without proper filing or loose or clipped or only stapled will not be accepted
    4. Deviation from the process would be treated as non- compliance to the application
  2. Sequence of Documents to be attached for the purpose of Company registration
    1. Covering Letter, as given in Annexure-1 & Annexure-2 for the fresh application and resubmission respectively
    2. One time  Company Registration fee of Rs.100000/- for large scale industry and Rs. 25000/- for small scale industry (SSI) is applicable for the registration of one product and respective brand. Payment can be made through Bank Demand draft or through online
    3. Print out of the Online Company Registration Form (properly signed and stamped with company seal with all filled in details)
    4. Agreement between BEE & User of Label on Rs.100 Non Judicial Stamp Paper (For voluntary scheme only. Separate agreement for each product type)
    5. One set of General Documents as under
      1. Trade Marks certificate (In the Name of the User of Label)
      2. SSI certificate (If Small Scale Industry and applying for first time)
      3. Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001) (issued In the name and address of the manufacturing facility mentioned in company registration form of Manufacturer). In case of multiple manufacturing facilities, ISO of all the manufacturing facilities must be enclosed.
      4. Authorized Signatory Letter (On Company Letter Head mentioning the Name and specimen signature of the Authorized signatory/signatories and the company head)
      5. BIS License (With Validity date and endorsement Letter showing all applied models. The Models applied to BEE should be highlighted in the endorsement Sheet) (If applicable)
  3. Sequence of Documents to be attached for the purpose of Model registration
    1. Covering Letter   as given in Annexure-3 & Annexure-4 for the fresh application and resubmission (If applicable) respectively.
    2. Model Registration fee for each model of  Rs.1000/.  Payment can be made through Bank Demand draft or through online
    3. Print out of the Online Application form (properly signed and stamped with company seal)
    4. Print out of the Mandatory Form and its Annexure form (For mandatory products only)
    5. Test Report (properly signed and stamped with company seal) from NABL accredited Lab.  Rated values must be declared in test report. In house test lab reports are accepted provided the lab is accredited by NABL
    6. Sample Label (Printed Waterproof Adhesive or Metallic as applicable) of each model must be stapled along with online application form of that particular model. The design & color parameters of sample label should strictly match with the specifications given in schedule of the respective equipment.

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