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Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIBRC)

Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIBRC)

Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIBRC) under the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation was set up by the Ministry of Agriculture in the year 1970 to regulate the import, manufacture, sale, transport, distribution and use of insecticides with a view to prevent risks to human beings and animals and for other matters connected therewith. Insecticides Act, 1968 was brought into force with effect from 1st August, 1971 with the publication of Insecticides Rules, 1971.

The Central Insecticides Board (CIB) advises the Central Government and State Governments on technical matters arising out of the administration of this Act and to carry out the other functions assigned to the Board by or under this rules.  Major functions are:

  • Advise the Central Government on the manufacture of insecticides under the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951 (65 of 1951).
  • Specify the uses of the classification of insecticides on the basis of their toxicity as well as their being suitable for aerial application.
  • Advise tolerance limits for insecticides residues and establishment of minimum intervals between the application of insecticides and harvest in respect of various commodities.
  • Specify the shelf-life of insecticides

Registration of Insecticides / Certificate of Registration

In the Insecticides Act and the Rules framed there under, there is compulsory registration of the insecticides at the Central level and licence for their manufacture, formulation and sale are dealt with at the State level. Hence for effective enforcement of the Insecticides Act, the following bodies have been constituted at the Central level by the Ministry:

Any person desiring to import or manufacture any insecticide may apply to the Registration Committee for the registration of such insecticide and there shall be separate application for each such insecticide to obtain the Certificate of Registration.

Click to see the details of the procedure for registration.

RC has also brought out different guidelines for registration, and they are broadly classified as under.

(A)   Guidelines for inclusion of pesticides in the schedule to the Insecticides Act, 1968 

(B)  Guidelines for import of sample quantity of Pesticides for RTT purposes 

(C)   Guidelines for registration of Pesticides        

      1.Guidelines for registration of Chemical Pesticides 

      2.Guidelines for registration  of Biopesticides

      3.   Guidelines for registration of Pesticides Exclusively for Export

      4.   Guidelines for Endorsements


 (D)  Minimum Infrastructure Guidelines to issue the Manufacturing Licenses by State Licensing Authorities

User mayclick to see the compiled list and content of various guidelines issued by RC through their website.


List of Forms including those for registration may also be downloaded from their website.


CIBRC has also developed Computerized Registration of Pesticides>(CROP), a web-based application for Registration of Pesticides. The application is supposed to automate the entire registration procedure. The highlights of the application are summarized below:

  • Online Application for Registration of Pesticides under 9(3) & 9(3b)
  • Online status checking
  • Frequent email notification to the applicant at certain milestone of the registration process till Deficiency Reporting & Approval
  • Online application for the grievances

For benefit of all concerned CIBRC regularly updates:

(I) List of Insecticides / Pesticides registered so far under section 9(3) of the Insecticides Act, 1968 for use in India

(II) List of Pesticides/formulations which are banned, refused registration and restricted for manufacture, import and use in India

Licence to manufacture insecticides

According to the Insecticides Rules 1971, a licence is required to obtain from the concerned State Government office either to manufacture, sell, exhibit for sale or distribute any insecticide/pesticide. Relevant forms for application may also be downloaded from the website of CIBRC.


Contact person: Click to get the contact details of the Secretariat of CIBRC


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